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A Giant Pain in my Toe and Wallet — Drug Prices Suck

The price of a drug I need for a chronic condition was raised for no reason, but I paid because I was in pain.

I have gout and it hurts like hell whenever I have a flareup.  It’s mostly under control these days, but a few months ago it wasn’t and my left toe was red, inflamed and in serious fucking pain.  I have a few normal, proven techniques to deal with an attack, like diet and inflammatories, but this last attack could not be controlled.  I limped off to the doctor, and she prescribed something I hadn’t taken since my first outbreak five years before—a drug called Colchicine.

In my vague memory, the drug costed a few bucks, perhaps no more than $20. Yet when I got to the pharmacy, the cost to fill the prescription was more than $150 for a few pills.  The pharmacist was embarrassed and apologetic.  I didn’t care. I was in pain and shelled out the money, and my very painful symptoms were gone in one day. Continue reading

Thomas Sowell Has Gone Off the Rails on Poverty (again)

Thomas Sowell is a long-time rightwing apologist.  He spouts nonsense about “freedom” (to die in the streets for instance), forever giving his “analysis” the veneer of scholarship.  I’m not the first person to notice that Sowell makes mistakes but his latest screed about the Pope dipped into the unhinged.  In defending capitalism, he remarked on how great things are with modern appliances:

“In 1900, only 3 percent of American homes had electric lights but more than 99 percent had them before the end of the century. Infant mortality rates were 165 per thousand in 1900 and 7 per thousand by 1997. By 2001, most Americans living below the official poverty line had central air conditioning, a motor vehicle, cable television with multiple TV sets, and other amenities.” Full Story

Pantaloons are out! Scrap Pell Grants!

Pantaloons are out!
Scrap Pell Grants!

To follow this logic:

  • In 1900 no on flew in airplanes.  Now, even poor people can fly! We don’t need minimum wage!
  • In 1750 pantaloons are the rage, but now even poor people have blue jeans!  We don’t need welfare!
  • In 1912 the Titanic sank and people died but today we have lifeboats.  Scrap Social Security!

My suppositions might sound absurd, but they are no less bizarre that the “venerated” but unhinged Sowell who continues to offer cover for the most delusional, selfish and totalitarian pricks america has to offer.  You go, Tom.



Who’s Having a Threesome?

I know I need to grow up, but I couldn’t resist the cheap photoshop.  I’m trying to write about this Kim Davis-created cluster, but what can be said that hasn’t already?

UPDATE: Did a podcast with some bros on this one: Check it out.

A most painful threesome. I call pivot man!

A most painful threesome. I call pivot man!

Get Over to My Updated Armchair Blasphemy Podcast and Blog

Hello all!!

Other than writing for Salon, I also podcast at my web site Armchair Blasphemy.  I am updating a lot there and doing weekly, regular podcasts.  I am thinking about combining my personal site and my podcasting site.  Between writing and culture commentary, it sucks that I have to build and maintain my own web sites!  It’s not enough to write anymore, you have to be your own executive support team!  Head on over to the updated site!

Check us out!

Check us out!

Keep Religion Out of Schools

Click here to visit the new Armchair Blasphemy podcast on my newest site: armchairblasphemy.com This week’s podcast is a discussion of a recent editorial that I wrote for the Reno Gazette Journal that will be published on March 5.  The piece disects a particularly awful law being considered in the Nevada legislature that would privilege religion in public schools.  Lot’s more to follow, so sign up over there.

My Colonoscopy: A Love Story

Caution: Do no read this, unless you have the sense of humor of a 12-year-old.  Also, every word of this is true:

I had to get my butthole snaked and probed.  I had some gut issues, and they wanted to make sure everything was okay.  Spoiler: It’s all fine.  But one of the gifts of middle age is that your asshole is no longer a private matter.  The doctor is always, “how’s the asshole Mr. Lyngar? Is your cock working okay?” and “why are you so fat?”  I am paraphrasing, but these are the questions one must answer as routine after hitting 40 or so.  Continue reading

A Baker’s Dozen

Salon just published my latest essay, suggesting that the left needs to learn how to fight dirty.  There was a lot of mixed reaction to the piece.  Some people seem to love it, and some are incensed.  I’ve been getting that a lot lately.  Setting aside the reactions to this particular piece, the big deal for me on this one is that it makes thirteen essays published in Salon in as many months.

The year 2014 was a big year for publishing.  The temptation is to keep retreading the same ground, but I want to continue to cover new topics.

If anyone has any suggestions for pieces or good insider news, let me know!

Boating Safety (or lack of such) in Honduras

On my vacation to Roatan, Honduras, almost no one wore life jackets and few boats even carried them.  This fellow (below) had zero life jackets aboard. When I tried to talk to him about it, he just kept pointing out that this boat was named “Trust Me.”  He was almost insulted that I asked.

Trust Me

Trust Me

When I insisted on putting life jackets on my children on the water taxis there, they were only ill-fitting type two jackets.  Continue reading

Year End Comes Again – News Update

I’ve had a banner year for writing and publishing this year.  I’ve had twelve pieces on Salon with two more expected next week (Christmas week).  You can follow my writer’s page there.  I have been consistently surprised by the level of interest generated by Salon.com, and I plan to continue to write for them in the New Year.

For those who followed ArmchairBlasphemy, my previous blog, I have take that completely off the web.  It now redirects to this site.  I had almost 100 short essays and posts, but many were done quick and early in my writing process.  There was a lot of great content on there but also things I wanted to revise with more thought and detail.  I will be re-posting the best hits of that site onto this one in the new year.

Also in the new year, I plan to add some pod-casting segments to this site.  I’ve done some pod-casting for my day job.  I have started to really enjoy it and there seems to be an untapped demand for this kind of content.  Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter, and watch for new, exciting content in 2015.

Is Bill O’Reilly Chickenshit? Take My Unscientific Poll.

Bill O’Reilly is trying to terrify people about about Ebola and ISIS.  This follows his shrieking paranoia over girl scouts, atheists, Christmas and Beyoncé.  Nothing is too inane to gin up terror among the ill informed.  Issues like Ebola and terrorism are both real problems in the world, yet the numbers don’t lie: Americans dead from Ebola: 1, Americans per day from gun violence: 86. Also, for perspective more than 30 thousand people a year are killed in car accidents.

As part of his fear-mongering extravaganza, Bill asks inane, leading questions of viewers and directs them to “unscientific polls” that he then uses to support his own stupid, flawed and flaccid arguments.  I intend to write an essay about Bill’s penchant for cowardice for Salon, but I need data that only very unscientific polls can provide.  Take My Poll Below, and feel free to refresh the page and take the poll as many times as you like, because like Bill, I’m running a meaningless survey to support my preconceived opinion:


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